When you name your band Happyness, you had better deliver some with your music. Fortunately, the three-piece who share the same name as the emotion similar to joy and gladness elicit these emotional responses, and more, with their indie-pop jamborees. Currently finishing off a ‘mini UK tour’ and with their debut EP dropping on Weird Smiling on January the 6th, you can almost forgive their poor spelling.


The South London three-piece are one of those rare little treats that sound brilliant from debut, which owes as much to their engaging lo-fo sound as it does to the quality of their production. Mixed by Ed Hardcourt and mastered by Adam Lasus (of PJ Harvey fame), the Londoners self-titled debut is worth keeping an eye out for this January.

If you’re about in East London this Friday, then catch them at Hoxton Bar and Grill playing alongside Casual Sex – sounds inviting doesn’t it?
The EP launches in the new year, but the band has put single ‘It’s On You’ on their Soundcloud.

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