Following the release of her moving album ‘Rivonia’ earlier this year, Cheri MacNeil a.k.a Dear Reader has announced news of a stunning new live record. ‘We Followed Every Sound’ will be released on the 9th December through City Slang and ‘Cruelty on Beauty On’ is the first track to be unveiled from the forthcoming album.


Recorded with the German Film Orchestra of Balebsberg, ‘Cruelty On Beauty On’ takes the dynamic music of Dear Reader to a whole new level. Tense, even cinematic, percussion is put against Cheri’s recognisable vocals to create a track that is somehow unnerving, yet simultaneously beautiful.

Earlier this year, Dear Reader made a bold move by releasing ‘Rivonia’. Unlike your average LP, it was an album of stories, histories and anecdotes that were all inspired by and dealing with the country she was born and raised in – South Africa. The album received a reception of great critical acclaim and showcased Cheri’s ability to tell a great story within the framework of intelligent and witty pop songs. The imagery and pictures her exuberant storytelling evoked were rich and vivid, despite the often-bleak realities depicted.

When Potsdam-based radio Station Radio Eins offered up the opportunity to perform the songs of ‘Rivonia’ with the added dramatic texture of an entire symphonic orchestra, it felt only logical. The songs are musical miniature movies and the Film Orchestra of Babelsberg specialises in recording film scores. Music for the big screen. A marriage made in heaven.

The result is ‘We Followed Every Sound’, an album which sees the songs of ‘Rivonia’ taken to new levels of dramatic and dynamic thrill.

Listen to ‘Cruelty On Beauty On’ below and see for yourself have truly magnificent this track it with an orchestra on board:

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