Swimming Lessons, the brainchild of Leeds based multi instrumentalist and producer Ben Lewis, has posted the latest offering entitled ‘Warm Sheets’ on his Soundcloud page.


Blending shimmering synths, pulsating rhythms and mesmeric vocals, Lewis has crafted a unique sound of hook heavy experimental pop. His previous track ‘Double’ saw Swimming Lessons take the internet by storm earlier this year, showcasing Lewis’ spell binding live performance centred around heartbreaking vocals and hypnotic homemade visuals.

Once again working alongside collaborator MJ, of Hookworms, new cut ‘Warm Sheets’ takes off where ‘Double’ left off. A delight of afro beat drums, pulsing synths and a huge undeniable pop chorus. Drawing comparisons to Yeasayer, M83 and Animal Collective, Swimming Lessons is quickly making himself an unignorable crossover entity.

Listen to ‘Warm Sheets’ below:

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