They say the human body is DNA-programmed to renew itself every seven years. In which case, White Denim’s now legendary, heart-attack musical timing has accelerated their own development – and then some.

Five years on from their twisted translation of the garage-rock aesthetic via Workout Holiday, new album ‘Corsicana Lemonade’ announces itself less noisily and demandingly, while commanding just as much attention.

Petralli concedes that the band’s aim was to pull back from the complex and considered song structures that took their cues from prog and jazz, and instead make a record that was closer to the White Denim live experience. In other words, tap into the quartet’s holy-rolling momentum and exhilarating, in-the-moment energy. “Initially, we did start by recording a bunch of rockist numbers, but we got kind of fatigued with it. I think we felt that we wanted to say something else, and our ears got tired of hearing really aggressive music and trying to work it into something.

“About eight months after D came out, we realised we didn’t want to play triplets on everything. We didn’t want to make it so difficult for ourselves and, possibly too, our audience. So we talked about scaling back a little bit, by featuring the songs more. We really just wanted to say something new. The biggest thing was to set up and play together in a room, to try and get the sound of the band playing live together.”

‘Corsicana Lemonade’s’ pleasures are honest, immediate and generous spirited, its sound that of a band somehow all the more settled for having made a change. It seems that White Denim took their own advice, offered on the grungily twangin’ and heavily reverbed ‘Let It Feel Good (My Eagles)’: “If it feels good, just let it feel good to ya.” Damned hard to argue with that.

Stream their new track ‘Pretty Green’ here:

The band are also set to tour the US with Tame Impala this October before hitting the UK for a full tour in November. Full UK dates below.

Sunday 17th November Brighton The Haunt (tickets)
Monday 18th November Bristol Fleece & Firkin (tickets)
Tuesday 19th November Manchester Gorilla (tickets)
Wednesday 20th November London Village Underground (tickets)
Sunday 24th November Glasgow Broadcast (tickets)

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