With the completion of their debut album, Brazilian four-piece The Outs have announced their new single ‘Right Or Wrong’, which is set for release this August.

the outs band

The band’s previous single ‘Get Around’ goes some way into demonstrating their vintage pop sound. Despite their Brazilian roots, the band sound as if they have come straight out of Manchester. With punchy electric guitar and percussion, the powerful vocals bring to mind elements of bands like The Who, Oasis and, for more of a contemporary reference, The Black Keys. Single B-side ‘Whatever You Please’ shows the band taking on more of a sombre, thoughtful sound. A drifting acoustic work, the song brings in cultured percussion, a subtle bass line and mandolin.

Now looking towards the release of their debut full-length album, The Outs have unveiled their new single ‘Right or Wrong’. Their revival sound is even more refined in this track and the band’s songwriting talents are plain to see. Combining clever vocal harmonies with tremolo guitar, a discernible Doors vibe is achieved. Melodic hooks aplenty, the track is certain to capture the attentions of 60’s music fans.

The single is set to be released on August 18th, take a listen:

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