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Hailing from London, the city that spawned grime, nurtured punk and catapulted dubstep into the sonic stratosphere, Talk In Colour emit pure unadulterated soundscapes, brilliant in clarity, highly captivating and a clean contrast to the majority of sounds that represent this town.

Cutting a wistful sound that slips through the grime-flecked iron bars of London’s heavier tendencies, new EP ‘Rushes’ takes flight on a zephyr of blended elements, gliding neatly through aspects of electro-pop, ambient and minimal electro with gentle hints of folk and classical simmering into the mix. It’s hard to put a label on this pastiche of genres so it’s fortunate that Talk In Colour have done that job for me, describing themselves as ‘Cinematic Future Pop’.


‘Rushes’ takes its title from the first print of an unedited film reel and there’s certainly a cinematic vibe evident throughout this 3 track EP, which marks the beginning of the band’s shift towards producing small volumes of work on a regular basis. Often pensive with a fraught thread of tension weaving through each track, ‘Rushes’ contains little hints of Chromatics, Maserati and Wild Beasts, all the while maintaining a fresh, vivid and highly original aura.

Setting the momentum with a pulsating murmur, opening track ‘Rolling’ pins you down with a staccato bassline closely pursued by a melange of organic and electronic percussion before gracefully collapsing to make way for the vocal driven verse. Gripping you with instantly affecting, powerful, soulful and silky tones, the vocals carry the song to the chorus where they lift in a flight of melody, weighted only by the progressive rhythm provided by constantly evolving beats.

‘Candles’, the first single to be taken from the EP, flickers into life with an enchanting multi-layered harp intro which gently recedes beneath a shuffling bassline that works in perfect unison with a tense vocal. The track builds up to an intense crescendo as backing vocals, piano and percussion accumulate beneath a resonant vocal refrain, battling with that captivating harp until it all falls away.

Closing track ‘The Cell’ collides electronic beats with softly-picked Spanish guitar and the percussion assumes command of the track as desperate vocals drift through the verses and once again lift the choruses to immensely satisfying effect.

Having announced plans to create and perform live scores for a variety of up-and-coming indie film directors, Talk In Colour have a promising journey ahead and will certainly appease anyone’s appetite for the dramatic with this impressive release.

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