When you’re aware that a new release is getting support from key BBC tastemakers Janice Long and Tom Robinson, it’s enough to make you take notice. To then learn that the artist has recently played a successful set of shows with revered folk artist Laura Marling will really turn your head. In the case of singer-songwriter Andy Robinson, you don’t really need either of these things to get your attention. All you really need is to listen to the music.

Robinson Waiting On Cinderella

Robinson’s main strength is in his writing. Inspired by noted wordsmiths such as Bukowski and Tom Waits, his lyrics are noticeably literary in their construction without seeming like hard work. He weaves tales of both joy and woe, wrapped up in alternative folk/gypsy beats. In the case of ‘Waiting On Cinderella’, the protagonist is lucky enough to come to a happy end [SPOILER ALERT] after assuming protection of a girl who’s been beaten by her boyfriend.

On the face of it it sounds depressing, but in the assured hands of Andy Robinson it comes wrapped in an upbeat, piano pop coating that only reveals its underbelly when you scratch beneath the positive surface. Having heard the full forthcoming album (‘Willimina Machine’, out late July), it’s definitely a trick he pulls off on multiple occasions, and it never gets old.

Listen to it here:

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