It’s Mixtape Monday day+1! We’re bringing you the best free (and legal) downloads from all over the net, we thought this week’s issue was worth the wait!


The Virgins

Remember New York band The Virgins? They’re back and posted a previously unheard track available for free download.


“We recorded this song in the studio at the apartment the whole band lives and practices in. We had just brought up some equipment from Nashville and this is actually the first song we’ve recorded with it”
says the band’s lead vocalist Donald Cumming.

The Virgins recently released their album ‘Strike Gently’ on Julian Casablancas’ label Cult Records and plan to hit the road again with a string of tour dates very soon.

Lewis Fieldhouse

Lewis Fieldhouse is pleased to announce the release of his latest single ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ is available via free download . The single is taken from his debut EP ‘Born Human, Raised Human’ which is released on 5th August.


Born in the wilds of North Yorkshire, Lewis Fieldhouse is a songwriter and producer based in the UK. He draws his influence from classic songwriters like The Beach Boys and Paul Simon before meshing them with his own contemporary brand of infectious, upbeat sun-soaked acoustic alt-pop.

“I wrote Don’t Be A Stranger when I was in Los Angeles last year” says Lewis of the new single, “I’d recently decided to go solo and went out to the US for a working holiday, taking in some new culture and a different perspective. The optimism and the energy of LA grabbed me instantly and I wrote the song in a day. It’s about being in a new city and surviving on hope, promises and no money.”

Get ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ here:

Clang Boom Steam

Hailing from Liverpool, via Northern Ireland, Clang Boom Steam will release their debut self-titled album on July 22nd. Ahead of that we’ve got the feedback-drenched album opener, and free download, ‘Clan’ to fill your ears with.


It’s all a bit Nick Cavey with grungey, gutteral vocals and plenty of reverb. Delicious. Enjoy the free download here:

Black Onassis

Black Onassis is the new project of former Kasabian member Chris Karloff. As a founding member, lead guitarist and one of the chief songwriters for Kasabian throughout their swift ascent to global fame, Karloff admits it was a kick in the teeth to leave the band back in 2006. But now he’s joined forces with NYC musician Nick Forde as well as a host of special guest vocalists to enjoy some new-found creative freedom.


“Electronic music to me is surprisingly soulful, there is a warmth that comes from the simplicity of sounds, something inconspicuously expressive and emotional”, he says. “Growing up it was everywhere. Artists like Vangelis, Kraftwerk, The Prodigy and Tangerine Dream were massive influences on the songs I wrote with Kasabian, and even more so now. But rock music has always played a massive role as well, and I’m inspired by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Primal Scream and Nirvana. I try to fuse these two worlds to create the kind of music I want to listen to”.

When it came time to start playing live, Black Onassis knew their unconventional lineup could pose a problem. To compensate for the fact that they would be touring with no singer, the band incorporate a huge visual element to the show.

Download ‘Brain’ featuring Ben Gautrey here:

See you next week for more free tracks!

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