The second I laid eyes upon the poster for this tour whilst on a night out in Leeds back in May, I knew one way or another I had to attend this gig.

Bam Margera

Anyone familiar with pro skater come TV entertainer Bam Margera, most famously known for his association with popular TV show/films Jackass and his work within the music industry, can understand the overwhelming feelings of excitement teamed with a touch of apprehension before hitting the show in Liverpool on Tuesday night. I became a fan of his many years ago after being introduced to his work with Finnish love metal band HIM and instantly became addicted to his MTV series ‘Viva La Bam’, meaning I was fully aware of the potential stunts that I could be witness to throughout the evening.

After a drunken session in the studio (See NEN’s interview with Bam) Bam decided to try his luck at fronting a band and FuckFace Unstoppable was formed. Various members of American band CKY including Bam’s brother Jess Margera, join Bam on stage for this European tour which has just come over from a successful show in Austria. This Liverpool show also saw Brandon Novak and Guttermouth drummer Alex Flamsteed hit the stage with them.

The night started off with Liverpool’s own Undiscovered Society who boasted a fair amount of fans towards the front of the slowly growing crowd. Their youngest member proving to be only 15 didn’t stop them from pulling out all the stops, but it was Metallica cover ‘Enter Sandman’ that got the crowd ready and raring to go. The second support to hit the stage was Twelve Gauge who are also Liverpool based. The lead singer came complete with sunglasses whilst on stage, which personally is a bit of a pet hate, and unfortunately it seemed that a little bit of arrogance had wormed its way into this band. Whether it was just them simply playing up to the hype of the tour or not, it was a bit of a shame as vocally the band put on a brilliant performance that the crowd took to immediately.

The start of FuckFace Unstoppable’s set was one that fans will certainly not forget in a hurry. Brandon Novak belted out what can only be described as a drunken, out of tune but nevertheless amusing rendition of Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air’ whilst sporting a lovely pink leopard print thong. Nothing much to be surprised at since over the years he has gained a bit of a reputation for his clothing, or lack of it rather. As Bam then ascended the stage, the crowd welcomed him with an eruption of ear-splitting cheers and screams, but this didn’t stop him from leaping off the stage to hi-five the mass of fans on the front row clawing to get his attention.


With Bam raring to go on vocals, the band kicked off their set with Clutch cover ‘Earth Rocker’ and then went on to play original track ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’; que the crowd surfing and unsuspecting crowd members being kicked in the head. However, It was Turbonegro cover song ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ that saw the energy in the room hit the roof and the ‘moshing’ and head banging both on stage and off was some of the most intense I have witnessed in a long time, and surely resulted in a few sore necks the next morning.

Personal favourite Bloodhound gang cover ‘The Ballad of Chasey Lain’ was a brilliant choice of song as it saw the crowd jumping in unison and belting back the lyrics as Bam sang them. His interaction with fans certainly wasn’t lacking as at any opportunity possible he was off the stage and down at the front. He even gave them the opportunity to sing into the mic on occasion which may not have been easy on our ears, but its safe to say fans would be undoubtedly buzzing afterwards. Later on in the set after a number of various original and cover songs, the band performed ‘Beer Plus Ice’ a track Bam explained as being for his ‘fat’ uncle Don Vito. Any fan of Bam and his family will be familiar with the reference to his infamous uncle which resulted in roaring chants of ‘Vito, Vito’ being echoed through the crowd.


With the lyrical content of songs performed such as ‘Bend My Dick’ and amusing track ‘Little Dick’ which Bam explained to us is based on Novak’s own rather unusual experiences with a transvestite, even though the music was heavy the atmosphere was light and cheerful. Laughter was present around the room and the audience clearly weren’t afraid to let their hair down and have fun alongside the band on stage.

As I took a second to scan the room, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the audience was a varied mix of people. Our initial thoughts were that we would struggle to ‘fit in’ amongst the mass of studded belts, tattoo sleeves and black clothing, but that didn’t cause the slightest problem. It is clear that Bam has fans from all walks of life and with the sense of unity around the room, it wasn’t possible to feel out of place.


The only criticism in regards to the whole gig was the abrupt ending. After leaving the stage to come back only to disappear again, the crowd were left confused and unsure as to whether the show had ended or not. After several minutes of hanging around, the crowd slowly started to disperse as the packing up of the stage clearly signified the band were not to come back with an encore. Whether or not this was planned or due to unforeseen circumstances, this was slightly disappointing but overall it didn’t put too much of a dampner on what was otherwise a brilliantly energetic and entertaining performance that didn’t fail to disappoint.

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The tour is still ongoing, you can catch Fuckface Unstoppable on:
July 18th – ABC Academy – Glasgow
July 20th – O2 Academy – Leeds
July 21st – O2 Academy – Oxford
July 22nd – The Zombie Hut – Corby
July 23rd – Underworld – Camden

Get tickets online at Ticketweb and Wegottickets.

Never Enough Notes were lucky enough to hang out with Bam before the show to get the lowdown on FuckFace Unstoppable, the reason behind their setlist, plans for the future and some of the craziest stunts pulled on stage! Take a read of what Bam had to say here!

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