Pro skater, TV entertainer, music director/producer and most famously Jackass star Bam Margera is on tour at the moment with his latest musical project, Fuckface Unstoppable. He fronts the band alongside various members from American band CKY for a worldwide tour that is proving to be extremely popular with fans everywhere. NEN were lucky enough to gain full access to the show in Liverpool, the review for which you can find here. Oh and just a little word of warning, if you expect this interview to be clean I suggest you click away now!

Bam Margera

We caught Bam before the show, covered in what appeared to be talcum powder and complete with a beer in his hand true Margera style, to discuss how Fuckface Unstoppable came about, the reason behind their setlist, plans for the future and some of the craziest stunts pulled on stage!

NEN: Alright, so the first question I’m throwing your way is please introduce yourself and tell us what is your role in the band?

BAM: Bam Margera and I am the singer of FuckFace Unstoppable.

NEN: How did the whole thing come about, how did you guys decide you wanted to embark on a project like this?

BAM: Well I have this recording studio, more like a rehearsal studio, in my house that I call the Hobbit Hole and there’s always bands practicing like CKY and Clutch, and one day I kinda just…well…one night on a drunken fucking monday or something like that…

NEN: We had a feeling it may have been something to do with alcohol…

BAM: (Laughs) yeah I just grabbed this mic and started singing and one of the guys from Guttermouth was like ‘dude, you actually have a good voice and if you pick like 5 cover songs and 5 original songs we could go on tour and do this’ and kinda like over night FuckFace Unstoppable was created.

NEN: Nice one! As well as some more unique tracks, the setlist has got quite a wide variety of cover songs…

BAM: Yeah.

NEN: How did you come up with the setlist, how did you guys decide what songs you wanted to do?

BAM: Erm, well basically I know Neil Fallon from Clutch, he’s the singer/ songwriter and I think he’s brilliant, he pretty much writes and says things exactly the way I want them to be said so therefore we do 3 Clutch cover songs, we do 1 Turbonegro cover song, ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ and then we do a Bloodhound Gang cover song.

NEN: Ohhh, you gotta love a bit of the Bloodhound Gang!

BAM: Yeah, and then er, then after that we do ‘Bend My Dick Around The Back Of My Ass So I Can Fuck Myself’. That’s a dubstep track.

NEN: Yeahhh, I watched the video for that one!! (laughs).

BAM: Then we do another one called ‘Moonshine’ which is a little bit more rockin’. Then, I just wrote this one called ‘Little Dick Little Dick’ that was to do with Novak’s little dick because he tried to get his dick sucked by a transvestite in Sydney Australia.

NEN: Did he know it was a transvestite!?

BAM: (Laughs) yeah, but it wasn’t happening because, (laughs) because he couldn’t get a boner.

(At this point the door opens and someone asks if Bam knows where band mate Brandon Novaks’ leopard print thong is because he needs to get dressed ready to go on stage. It happens to be on the floor by Bam’s feet so he hands it over. Unable to help it we erupt in laughter.)

NEN: Did this get upgraded, this gig, to a bigger venue?

BAM: I think it did yeah.

NEN: I thought so, how does it feel to know that you’ve got that much support over here that you had to upgrade the venue?

BAM: I’m Stoked! I love it! You know what sucks though that I realised recently? I was at a HIM show a long long time ago at the Astoria and everyone (the crowd) was begging me to jump. I was sitting there with Kelly Osbourne and they were like ‘jump, jump, jump’ and I saw that they were all looking at me. They were ready to catch me so I jumped and everything’s fine, the only thing that sucked was that I lost my good shoe. Then some drunk dickhead decided to do the same thing minutes after that and break’s some chicks neck who was looking the other way.

NEN: Oh my god.

BAM: But there was a newspaper article that says like ‘Bam and his boys jumped off’. That dude wasn’t my boy, he was some drunk fuck from London. I don’t know who it was he just decided to copy me. So I get the blame for all that shit and I just read the article recently, this happened like 7 years ago. This newspaper article didn’t do any research, they just thought it was me and my boys jumping off the thing.

NEN: That’s awful, you really do have to do your research before you start spreading bad stuff about people in the press. On a better note, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done on stage? I know there’s probably going to be alot of crazy things.

BAM: On stage, hmm, well I usually fuck with other people on stage, so I guess it would be that I do a double drop kick at times to Novak which actually looks like it hurts him but it hurts me worse. I end up landing right on my ass bone and all he gets is a kick to his face, I land right on my fucking tailbone that I’ve already broken!

NEN: Ooooh that sounds painful!

BAM: So it’s not fun for me, it’s actually more pain than pleasure for me.

NEN: You just like to see him in that little bit of pain that it makes it all worth it.

BAM: Yeah (laughs).

NEN: What’s the best thing about being in England for all us patriotic people? I’m not actually overly patriotic so I’m not sure why I just said that…

BAM: The best thing about being in England…actually right here right now because the last time I was in Liverpool was when I was 15 years old.

NEN: Really?

BAM: And I was staying with these 2 skaters that run a skate shop named Adam and H, his name is fucking H, It’s the letter H!

NEN: (Laughs).

BAM: And Geoff Rowley and Brian Sumner were from here and yeah, so. but they both moved to California but I think Adam and H still live here so hopefully they’re here.

NEN: Yeah, hopefully! What kind of inspirations do you have? What inspires you to get….

BAM: Novak!!

NEN: …on stage and do what you do?

BAM: He’s my walking television. I wanna put a rectangle around his fucking face because I don’t need a TV, he is a walking TV.

NEN: (Laughs) Brill!! I was doing a bit of research and a lot of people online see FuckFace Unstoppable as just a big joke. How do you see it, do you guys just see it as a joke and a bit of fun or is it something that looking at the support behind you would perhaps now want to take a bit more seriously?

BAM: Well, it’s a punk rock joke pretty much, yeah. I mean, do I wanna bend my dick round the back of my ass and fuck myself? No, but does it sound funny and is it catchy, yes. (Laughs).

NEN: Clearly! (laughs) You’ve been in the limelight for quite a long time now and you’re a born entertainer, but can you see yourself at any point just literally settling down and not doing any crazy stuff anymore? I can’t see it….

BAM: Erm, I would have to have a broken bone or so really…

NEN: Just one broken bone?

BAM: Well, in order to not do anything crazy, but my brother has 3 kids, and they’re fun so…I’m tempted…sort of.

NEN: Sort of? (laughs).

BAM: Not right now, maybe in like a year or two. But er yeah, he has 3 and I have none so… and they seem like fun.

NEN: Awwh! Any plans for the future? Recording? Touring with the guys or?

BAM: Yeah, I’m also doing a show with TBS and it’s basically me hosting.

NEN: I think I saw an advert for that, yeah.

BAM: There’s 4 people per episode and whoever does the best of Jackass type stunts wins $10,000 so, that’s pretty fun!

NEN: And finally, what’s the best thing about being on tour?

BAM: The best thing about being on tour is the fucking tourbus, because my bed is a dark coffin that’s super tiny and you’re moving so you hear the noise of the engine. I sleep like a champion in them things. And I rarely get to sleep at home, I’m always constantly getting woken up or I simply can’t sleep. In the tourbus you’re moving so you can’t do much except watch TV or play video games or something, and I don’t really like video games. But yeah I get the best sleep ever, I feel like I’m meant to be on a tourbus.

NEN: So that’s where you’re calling in life lies, being on a tourbus?

BAM: Yeah, I like it. And the only reason why I miss home is because I have 6 fucking kitty cats.

NEN: Really!? Awhh, what are they called?

BAM: Trouble, Mischief, er, Twanda Newton Harris, and then Peaches and Wall Cat. Wall Cat because the cat’s so scared the first 3 weeks I got the him he was so terrified that he would be in the wall, and then when 3am happened he’d sneak out of the wall, eat the kitty food and go back into the wall. So I just called him fucking Wall Cat.

NEN: It sounds more like a hamster.

BAM: And then there’s one other one, Mouse Breath…

NEN: erm, and what’s the story behind that name?

BAM: Oh and Eric! Eric the cat. Mouse Breath because he’s always showing up at the door with all these mice.

NEN: (laughs) That’s brilliant! Nice and original at least! Well thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, we seriously appreciate it! Good luck on stage and with the rest of tour!

So there you have it! A little insight into the mind of Jackass’s Bam Margera! Check out the live review from the show in Liverpool here, or catch the band on one of their last few English tour dates.

July 21st – O2 Academy – Oxford
July 22nd – The Zombie Hut – Corby
July 23rd – Underworld – Camden

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