Hailing from London’s East End, Grigori released his EP this week, via Naim Edge Records, and brings you the video to the title track ‘Sinas’ to coincide…which is all rather sexual but beautiful at the same time.


The release of  the 4 track EP ‘Sinas’ brings to a close a year-long process of writing and recording to produce an intricate, honest and complete record. Grigori creates sharp and immediate music, soulful pieces of electronic music which draw from the metronomic sensibilities and glitch culture of electronic production. Drawing comparisons to Bon Iver and the likes of Jamie Woon, immediacy and earnestness are part of Grigori’s make-up, having grown up in South East England amongst a tight-knit DIY punk and hardcore scene.

Although he says not everything about that ethic appeals: “There’s a narrow-mindedness in music consumption that comes with any scene. I am totally in love with making music and can’t see a reason to mark boundaries about what you make and what you listen to.”

His music has a sense of documenting events after the fact, when details have begun to blur but still ring around in the subconscious. Trying to re-ignite those memories into something concrete and distil it into new form is the aim of the music, weaving a line between fact and interpretation. This reflective process parallels the way he writes,  snaking out guitar or drum parts and then stepping back for days, or sometimes weeks, until he can listen back.

Watch the video for yourself:

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