Zola Jesus has released into the digital world the opening track to forthcoming album, ‘Versions’, out on the 20th August via Sacred Bones Records.

zola jesus

However this is no ordinary single release as ‘Avalanche (Slow)’ has been arranged by a composer for a string quartet. JG Thirlwell has been recruited for the record after Nika Roza Danilova (Zola Jesus) decided she wanted to work with a classical composer who could arrange her songs for a quartet…step forward legendary pioneer Thirlwell.

Since his in the early 80’s New York no-wave scene, JG has been scoring and composing symphonic arrangements for his own project Manorexia, in addition to currently scoring Adult Swim’s Venture Brothers series.

‘Avalanche (Slow)’ comes as a result of Danilova being offered an opportunity to perform at one of the most prestigious modern art museums in the world, NY’s Guggenheim as rather than doing her standard Zola Jesus electronic set she wanted to do something different. 

Here the result below:

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