Laura Welsh will release her new single ‘‘Cold Front’’ on July 15 through Polydor/Outsiders. Her first for the label, it’s the follow-up to the acclaimed debut ‘Unravel’ that was full of art-pop brilliance. The new single is a cool pop offering with delicate, echoing percussion and is a great teaser for what could come next from Welsh. Consider me beckoned.


Welsh worked with Robin Hannibal from Rhye on ‘’Cold Front’’. The result is slick pop with soaring highs, a bittersweet tinge, a wry sexy smile and a mesmerisingly gorgeous chorus. Welsh’’s own confidence in her songs and sound has put her in good stead and she embraces the challenge of testing herself. ““I don’t hold back in saying what I think”” she says, ““but that’s because I want this record to be the best it can be.” There are no half measures, no compromise”.

Along with Dev Hynes and Robin Hannibal the Staffordshire-born singer-songwriter has teamed up with Lana Del Ray and Bruno Mars producer Emile Haynie for her forthcoming debut album which we’re on the edge of our seat for. Laura Welsh will play The Africa Centre in London on July 15.

See the video for ‘Cold Front’ here:
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