Wow! THAT’S what happened to my little Casio.

I thought it had gone to keyboard heaven before I reached my teens but no, Kisses took the thing, programmed some drum patterns in and are now using it to create tracks such as ‘Huddle’, layering some 80s vocals on thick and HOLD THE PAGE! We’re a synth away from a boy-band key change.


Telling the story with an underlying sense of unease, Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson of Kisses continue to explore the empty and slightly-haunted off-season of the vacation world, depicting the band as central characters in a story about the difficulty of change and working to stay together through new beginnings. Or something. Ultimately summery and all over your latest holiday romance, ‘Huddle’ is a seasonal soundtrack and the video features some great sunglasses. ‘Huddle’ could be so much more: it’s nothing special, but it’s certainly not offensive.

See the video here:
YouTube Preview Image

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