Blue Hawaii, Arbutus Records and many of their Montreal counterparts all began with the same breath in early 2010. To date they’ve released an 8-track EP: in May of that year, ‘Blooming Summer’ (Arbutus Records 2010) was recorded following the pair’s travels in Central America. It frames a time of warmth and novelty, featuring dense female harmonies, tape-saturated synths, guitars and drum machines. Eventually Ra returned to her role in BRAIDS, touring constantly, while Ag moved to Europe, treading deeper into dance music, electronics, and production.


The two decided to make ‘Untogether’ in 2012; they began recording on New Years Day in Vancouver and intermittently worked on the project until summer broke in Montreal. The music followed their winter in Canada, it became colder, more introspective. The duo notice that throughout the changing social and personal landscape which is one’s twenties, these divided notions and people somehow stay together. Even the name Blue Hawaii suggests a kind of melancholic, jaded paradise, but a paradise afterall. It is because – or perhaps in spite of – these disjointed intersections that the record is called ‘Untogether’.

See the video for ‘Reaction II’ here:
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