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Emily Capell was already comfortably crooning away on stage when we rocked up to upcoming-band-and-sweatfest-venue 333 in East London. Capell is full of the quirks of an early Lily Allen with the same weight of promise, and a London twang in her tunes to match.

Second on the lineup were Brazilian-London band Plastique. I’ve heard a lot of their material before and even starred one of their videos but this would be my first time seeing them live. The three-piece are Anelise, Fabio, and Gabriel. Off-stage the trio have a great bond, they’re friends as well as bandmates and that translates well into their set.

Plastique pride themselves on their brand of industrial-fusion rock. Frontwoman Anelise – who takes on the persona of ‘Plastique’ – took a while to warm up and although the crowd loved her, a slight rise in nerves and more importantly her vocals not being at all loud enough (not the band’s fault) meant that the set didn’t pack the punch it could have done. There is however a lot of promise for this trio and I look forward to seeing how they develop – their recordings are fab.

Headline act and event hosts The Mouth Of Ghosts took the stage towards 11pm. Now here’s a treat for the eyes and ears, the band are solid, they put on a show and vocalist Alla is right at the front of the stage.

Each song is its own masterpiece with no real standout track – they’re all so intricately performed and the raw power coming from Alla’s lips is a force to be reckoned with. The band played through their recent EP, and also recent single ‘When The Sun Sets’ which is currently available on free download (as well as the full 1st EP here). Ragged, almost glitchy guitars fuse with groovy basslines effortlessly. Having mastered trip-hop that sparkles, The Mouth Of Ghosts are packing formidable aural beauty into their sets.

We drifted away from the party before the set ended but the drinks were flowing til 4am we hear. Great way to end a launch, where perhaps the band are launching more than just an EP.

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