Born in the wilds of North Yorkshire, Lewis Fieldhouse is a songwriter and producer based in the UK. On 15 July he’ll be releasing his new single ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’ and it’ll be a free download.


“I wrote Don’t Be A Stranger when I was in Los Angeles last year” says Lewis of the new single. “I’d recently decided to go solo and went out to the US for a working holiday, taking in some new culture and a different perspective. The optimism and the energy of LA grabbed me instantly and I wrote the song in a day. It’s about being in a new city and surviving on hope, promises and no money.”

Drawing his influence from classic songwriters like The Beach Boys and Paul Simon before meshing them with his own contemporary brand of infectious, upbeat sun-soaked acoustic alt-pop, Lewis is streaming the track now via Soundcloud ahead of its release:

Lewis also recently recorded a cover of ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ by The National. See it here:
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