Jack Cheshire’s latest single ‘Gyroscope’, taken from his upcoming album ‘Long Mind Hotel’ was, well… boring to say the least.


Quoted as being a “master of vocal languor and melodious narrative”, I can only imagine that whoever said that can’t have been listening to the same song as I am, or if he was, shame on you; because there was no point where I thought “wow, this guy has some serious vocal skills” and to call him a “master” is way beyond me.

In fact, his ‘masterful’ singing performance was monotonous and boring from beginning to end. There was no real kick in the instrumentals and it all sounded very similar, with no real stand out sections that should define a great song.

But just in case I missed something, I listened to it a few times over – giving him the benefit of the doubt – but by the end of my third attempt to try and draw water from this bone dry stone, I was left with my head lent on the side of my bed, gazing up at the ceiling trying to make sense as to why I bothered to try the song again.

God forbid if the whole album is anything like this.

Listen to see what you think:

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