Freedom Fry’s new EP ‘Friends and Enemies’ is a mix of a bass and drums, with synths and ambient FX. Being a duo its easy to hear that the instrumentation has been well considered and bass is used as the main melodic instrument while still driving the rhythm with drums holding the beat back to bring it back into check.

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The title track ‘Friends and Enemies’ is great introduction to the band if you haven’t heard them before (like me) with driving bass, groovy percussion, clever instrumentation and beautiful vocals. It certainly puts a smile on your face, as its charming stabs of lead guitar create a overall feeling of happiness.

‘The Sea Invisible’ is my favourite track on the EP its got a catchy chorus and beautifully crafted bassline. Its sparse intro and verses work well against the full fat chorus, and impressively huge sound for just a duo that I hope they can translate to a live environment.

The last track of the EP is different to the first two with vocals taking center stage, with drums and a ukelele for accompaniment. Its perhaps a far more traditional song than the first two and while a good song I question its place on the EP, to me it doesn’t quite fit. Certainly feels like it has a lighter yet still laid back vibe.

You can find more out about the band at their website
The Friends and Enemies EP is out on 29.07.13 and will be available on iTunes.

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