Tomorrow Ólöf Arnalds will start her UK tour in London and to celebrate her return, we are giving away a brand new track ‘Af Stað’.

She says:
“It is a song that I wrote for Björk and Sigur Rós’ concert Náttúra in August 2008, just before the economic collapse, explains Ólöf Arnalds. The lyric is a twist on a famous Icelandic nationalistic song, Hver á Sér Fegra Föðurland, (Who Has a Prettier Fatherland) which describes how untouched and beautiful Iceland is, and how distant it is from the wars and ugliness of the world. My lyric is a plea that Icelandic people not to get drunk from their greed.” Ólöf will be playing the following shows this week, and ooh a festival…

Tuesday 4 – London – St John Church at Bethnal Green
Wednesday 5 – Glasgow – Broadcast
Thursday 6 – Manchester – TAKK
Friday 7 – Brighton – Unitarian Church

Saturday 17 – Green Man Festival

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