We recently shared Seasfire’s cover of BANKS’ ‘Warm Water’ and fell in love with the Bristolian quartet. Naturally we wanted to catch them for a natter.


We caught up with Josh Thorn from the band to find out a bit more…

What’s your favourite live venue?

One that we’ve played would have to be The Leadmill in Sheffield. It got a big sound that suits us, and fits a big crowd, but it’s still only a small gap between the band and the audience, so there was still a great connection. I would love to play The Royal Albert Hall purely because of its history and size.

Tell us about your recent cover ‘Warm Water’. What does BANKS think of your rendition?

We just fell in love with the track the first time we heard it and the production from TEED is amazing too. We’re big fans of both of them so it was easy to decide what cover to do. I don’t think BANKS has heard it unfortunately; I would love to meet her though.

How did you meet?

Well me, Dave and Joe met at college and started writing together in the summer of 2011. It wasn’t really decision to start a band, we just did a couple of tracks together at home and thought they sounded good, so we pretty much formed from that initial experimentation. Then James, who I have known for a while, joined a couple of months later so we could play live and that completed the set up.

Tell us about your songwriting process

At the moment things normally develop from a piano idea that Joe creates. He will then share it with the rest of us and see what we make of it and can add. So beats, guitar lines, synths, bass – it’ll all get layered until the arrangement is done. Lyrics often come last but we’ve started trying to write lyrics first before the song, which is new. It is a very open process though, tracks can take anywhere from a few hours to a week or two.

What can we expect from you in 2013?

There’s a single coming out on July 1st – it’s called ‘Oh..Lucifer’. It’s about longing, lust, jealousy. Basically wanting something you can’t have. Then we will start recording another EP soon to be released around September/October time. There will be new songs and live shows to follow. We’d love to tour. I think we’ve started to find ourselves recently so we’ve improved in different ways. We’re starting to get an idea of what direction we are heading in.

Thanks Seasfire, it was lovely to meet you! Looking forward to the new single and EP!

You can catch Seasfire live on the following dates:

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