By Bryony Hamilton Kelly

The charismatic frontman, Nic Offer, now 41, and everso slightly greying around the edges, but still lithe and manic, still in his shorts and old boots, covered the stage with his huge presence, leaving no corner un-danced on…if you haven’t seen him in action, there are no words to describe his unique dancing style. Suffice to say its effervescent and rawly schexual. all hips and snarls.

A funky-basslined explosive opener with ‘Get that Rhythm Right’ got the too-cool-for-school Shoreditch-ites’ NHS framed specs steamed up immediately.

By the time the group had started on ‘Except Death’ from their new album; which has the most baddass dirty funk bass guitar solo ever in the history of baddass bass guitar solos, the crowd were frenzied, jubilant and utterly beholden to Nic’s larger than life personality (the fact his fly broke and he had to get a safety pin from a girl in the audience, pinning himself back into place was just the cherry on the cake).

The amazing musical talent of the band, the ‘!!!’ sound as recognisable as ever,  and the stage show was as fantastic as ever. With latest album ‘Thr!!!er’, a tighter, yet even more raw sound pushes the boundaries beyond anything they’ve done before. Bliss.

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