The Little Beer Corporation has teamed up with The Boileroom and emerging Guildford musicians to build an exciting partnership. All of The Little Beer Corporation’s new beers this coming year will be linked to emerging musicians from Guildford and to The Boileroom as a local music venue.

Initially, this will manifest itself in producing a beer that is only for sale at The Boileroom. Thereafter The Boileroom and The Little Beer Corporation will work with five emerging musicians this year and for each: They will set up ‘Brewday Gigs’ as mini-events, whereby the band plays live at the brewery on brew-day, and does some brewing – so they have a hand in the creation of the beer.


The Band will help design the label. If they want to market a series of tracks (eg off a new album) then – for the same beer – there will be a different label variant for each track. The label will also feature a QR code, that lets consumers download a free sample track from the artist.

Once each beer is bottled, it will be launched with a special live Boileroom event. The first Brewday Gig (at The Little Beer Corporation) will be on Saturday 9th March. That evening there will be an event at The Boileroom, to celebrate the start of this partnership. The five emerging musicians will all play. Tickets will be on sale; and a Little Boileroom beer will be launched there as well.


Jim Taylor of The Little Beer Corporation: “I’ve always been interested in building links in with emerging Guildford music. For a brewery that is really focused on building local community, it makes great sense. And for musician and brewery, it allows both sides to reach new people and promote themselves in a really interesting, contemporary and non-pushy way.”


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