Angsty and very, very earnest, this AA single from Australian outfit Snakadaktal marks the group’s UK debut on Young & Lost Club, and it’s promising stuff. ‘Air’ is the more wistful of the two songs, with chiming guitars, lovelorn shared vocals and plenty of meaningful cadences, and it’s so obviously utterly heartfelt that it seems churlish to take it to task for being a wee bit derivative, so I’m not going to do that. ‘Dance Bear’, meanwhile, is more on the ominous side, and its processed drums, icily detached verse, forceful chorus and pulsating guitar outro sound like the last slow groove at the vampire club before everybody starts noshing on the pretty humans they’ve brought with them (yes, this is a thing).


Possible listening suggestions for ‘Air’: Have a painful break-up then go and lie down in the woods and put it on repeat, and feel simultaneously completely alone and surrounded by people who understand your pain.

Possible listening suggestions for ‘Dance Bear’: Play as your last song the next time you DJ at the vampire club.

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