Deptford Goth on name alone creates intrigue. After first thinking oh god it’s going to be some kind of hard rock, white-facepaint-black-lipstick-wearing band I gave into my curiosity and instead was happily surprised to be met with a solo artist that is nothing short of beautiful.


He is in fact Daniel Woolhouse, a South Londoner whose sound has been compared to the likes of James Blake and The XX but in my opinion needs to stand alone.

It’s been a long time since a band or artist has got me excited but my word his debut single ‘Union’ did exactly that. He is haunting and unique in his simplistic and emotive style, his fusion of sythns and mystical intensity makes him a real talent who has created something mesmerising. If you want to play a song from an artist over and over again then surely it’s a clear indication that this person is onto something?

His debut album ‘Life After Defo’ is due for release on 18th March via Merok Records and follows ‘The Youth II’, an EP that Daniel released last October.

If you simply appreciate good music then Deptford Goth is definitely one to fill this need! You can however whet your appetite before the album comes out on the 18th with title track ‘Life After Defo’ below:

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