It’s difficult to place Damn Vandals and their sound. One minute I place them between brit-pop and alternative rock then it’s heavier, then the vocals work but don’t fit in with any of these genres. This very thing make me like Damn Vandals, there is an element of surprise to them and the fact they’ve taken on a fluid type sound, constantly changing.


You could say they sound like Radiohead and The Music which would be fair. Jack Kansas does well to tone his vocals down and flick a switch to make them powerful and cutting when needed. My only criticism of the song really is that it feels it ends almost half way through. Perhaps this is the producers or bands attempt to keep the listeners wanting more. Still it remains to be a damn fine song!

Want more of this band? Why not see them live? It’s growing an ever popular trend amoung the young folk –

Wed 20 Feb @ The Bull & Gate, 389 Kentish Town Road, London NW5 2TJ PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE
Fri 22 Feb @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
28 March @ Nantwich Festival (Supporting The Blockheads)
5 April @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
25 April @ Catch, London

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