Ah, The Pigeon Detectives. Sure, we all have fond memories of indie discos belting out ‘Take Her Back’ and us dancing in our sorry states like it was the greatest song ever written. Just me? Oh… still, The Pigeon Detectives had firmly fixed their position on the indie musical map with their first album ‘Wait For Me’ back in 2006. Now they are embarking upon their fourth, yes FOURTH, studio album and, if forthcoming single ‘Animal’ is anything to go by, I’m pretty darn excited!

The Pigeon Detectives

I have been quite pining for The Pigeon Detectives. The aforementioned debut album was never out of my CD player (remember those??) and was part and parcel of a good night out. Then, it was almost like they had lost their way, still producing good tracks through albums three and four, just not quite hitting the bar. This track, however, embodies everything we love about the band; in your face guitars, a singular booming bass line, catchy lyrics and a perfectly enthusiastic vocal performance. Oh, the eighteen year old me is pretty happy right now! It feels like a continuation of the much loved album, full of youthful exuberance and a hook that will not stay out of your head. Even if you want it to! I’m pretty sure that indie pop does not get better than this.

“It’s an exciting tune with a raw edge to it, but it still retains all the catchiness usually associated with The Pigeon Detectives”, Matt Bowman, vocals. I really could not have put it better myself. An expertly crafted 2:39 of indie pop brilliance.

Also, if you want a cheeky free download of the single, head to the band’s site here. You’re welcome.

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