Bombers certainly don’t waste any time with their songs. Their latest offering, ‘Drawing / Buddy’s In A Cult’, clocks in at 3:41, and brings to mind the frenetic pace of Be Your Own Pet (especially ‘Let’s Get Sandy’).


Bombers deliver their music in sharp shocks of post-punk, all distorted guitars with vocals ranging from wild to apathetic. There’s just a touch of madness when David Duell sings “I can tell I’m going wrong” over and over at the end of ‘Drawing’, building up from the anger throughout the song, where he sings of someone who might be insane.

There are small hints of Joy Division throughout; the bass-driven intro to ‘Buddy’s In A Cult’ is one example. The catchy chorus of “Buddy’s in a cult / run! / Buddy’s got a gun / run!” with its clearer guitar gives the song an excitement not found in the verses. The guitar lines are short and punchy, and they dominate the two tracks, although the drum solo near the end of ‘Buddy’s In A Cult’ breaks things up a bit.

The songs veer close to sounding samey, but their overall running time keeps things sounding fresh. Bombers will most likely be a Marmite band, but if you do like them, you’ll be treated to some intense doses of post-punk.

Check out the video for ‘Drawing’:

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