The first few seconds into the simplistic, downbeat intro and you’re utterly convinced that the Homebase whistle of Peter, Bjorn and John’s ‘Young Folks’ is going to come in. But without a strained whistle in sight, it’s a piano that invites itself into Autoheart’s second single ‘Control’. A piano? Yes, a piano, a rarity in this digital age of wild synths and complex samples. The tender keys give the track an extra layer of security to prevent it from sounding very similar to other musical ventures around right now (not sounding like PB&J for starters).

The harmonic vocals of Jody Gadsden give this track, from the London outfit, something that definitely stands them a reasonable distance aside from other acts. Its strength wavers in pitch and when united with other voices in the band, a rousing chorus is produced giving a subtle nod to Dry The River and Mumford and Sons. “We could have made it but we didn’t have the stamina, we both lost out in the end,” Gadsden emotionally emotionally.

Brushing over the indie side, there’s also something very pop-like and a ‘cater for all’ feel about ‘Control’. It’s an easy, ‘safe’ track to listen to. A vibrant guitar finally appears near the end of the track. Though it’s the keys and vocals that give the biggest impression on this song. A good single from Autoheart, just a shame the vocals and piano, though brilliant, dominate the other components of the band.

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