London-based indie pop band Spector have risen in popularity recently due to not only the release of their debut album Enjoy It While It Lasts, but by playing numerous summer festivals in both the UK and even as far as America and Japan. They are currently on an October/November tour of the UK and on the 19th October they played at Leeds University Stylus.

I attend gigs regularly and this was actually the 7th time seeing Spector, (yes I am a super fan) and to be honest it was the best gig I have ever been to. The fact that it was on a Friday night meant I knew it was going to be an evening full of alcohol and everyone going a bit mental, but nothing could have prepared me for this.

The gig kicked off with support artist Splashh and their unique take on dream-like indie pop and they sounded fantastic. They were followed by Swim Deep, the Birmingham four piece grunge-pop band who got the crowd going with hits such as King City, Beach Justice and new single Honey. Having seen both acts before I knew what to expect, and in Leeds they were on top form and better than the first time I had seen them both.

Soon it was time for Spector to come onstage starting with Twenty Nothing and playing their way through the majority of tracks from new album Enjoy It While It Lasts. In my opinion Chevy Thunder had to be the highlight of the night, and this is where things just went insane. Apart from the crowd all jumping around, forming moshpits and crushing us all on the front row, a few of the guys from the support acts decided to crowd surf prompting the audience to do the same and invade the stage. Usually you would get people complaining about that (well security weren’t too happy) but that just made it better for me and created an incredible atmosphere.

Lead singer Fred Macpherson was his usual self on stage, engaging with the audience and occasionally leaning in whilst everyone scrambled over to grab his hand. From the way Fred appears at ease on stage to just his general attitude, his stage presence somewhat reminds me of Jarvis Cocker during Pulp’s Glastonbury set in 1995,

Overall, this was THE best gig I have ever been to and although I’ve seen Spector a few times already they just get better each and every time.

Twenty Nothing
Grey Shirt And Tie
True Love (For Now)
What You Wanted
Lay Low
Friday Night (Don’t Ever Let It End)
No Adventure
Grim Reefer
Chevy Thunder
Never Fade Away

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