Since their inception three years ago, Rags Rudi have been touring the London scene with what they describe as a ‘nodding cocktail of ska, hip-hop, dub and punk.’ Interesting you say? I agree, so take a listen.

‘Higher’ and ‘Driftah’ may be soundtracks that conjure up images of carefree teenage boys smoking weed as they ‘drift’ through their lives. Horrifying, I know! But frontman Billy Rowlands rebels brilliantly as he declares he will be getting higher than we’ve ever seen before we are encouraged to follow him and ‘help a generation’.

‘Higher’ catches us nodding along with its jangly guitar and slow paced bass line before quickly building to a crescendo where we’re joined by a catchy trumpet riff and Joe Louden’s tight drumming meaning we’re well and truly “higher than we’ve ever been.” The song then gets us floating with Louden’s full utilisation of the pea soup before we rise again and again and cannot help but hum along with Stanley’s trumpet.

‘Driftah’ maintains a steady beat throughout but is certainly the more harsh of the two as Rowland stubbornly gives his blunt, pessimistic out take on life. This is yet the most catchy of the two as even midway through the first listen we find ourself singing along, rousing an inner anger inside, suggesting maybe we’ve found a new band to mobilise the masses. Or, am I, unlike Billy, being optimistic?

Latest tracks by Rags Rudi

Rags Rudi are playing The Arch Gallery in East London on the 14th September.

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