Excuse the name. We actually have one hell of a band on our hands…or in our lunch box.

Formed in 2011, Lunchband (or Lunch) have since strung together a a set of successful gigs supporting the likes of The Rifles and Spotlight Kid whilst also endearing themselves to BBC 6Music DJ Tom Robinson and Pete Donaldson along the way. The former made ‘Beach Song’ (which you can listen to below) one of his Fresh Faves in May of this year.

Building on their rising popularity, ‘Lunch’ have since released their debut EP entitled ‘Rabbits, Princes, Phantoms and Beaches’ (a taster is available below). However the full EP is currently only available at their gigs, but we at NEN got hold of it. So, if you like the sound of this review, get yourself down to one of their shows and pick up a copy. Trust me, it’s good!

On their Facebook page, this quartet have what could be described as an ultimate picnic of influences. It has the the likes of ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Odd Nosdam’ all the way up to ‘Mystery Jets’. A curious mixture which is startlingly evident as we make our way through this EP.

On opener ‘Rabbit Run’, we’re lured in with rhythmic clicking and muted strumming before suddenly a foals-esque twiddly guitar riff is upon us. The song then maintains its pace as vocalist Tom Cale whines emotively “Rabbit, you better run/before I catch you and take you out of the summer sun/I will see what you have done.”

In stark contrast to ‘Rabbit Run’, ‘My Prince’ greets us with a dose of electronica, but soon we’re nodding along with some intricate drumming and a heavily reverbed guitar. There is most certainly a haunting atmosphere here, which ties in nicely with the idea that we have left the ‘summer sun’ and entered the darkness. I might not be about to endear myself to Lunch, but ‘My Prince’s’ outro got me thinking Guns ‘N’ Roses ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. It just has that stadium guitar solo feel, though I could possibly have chosen a better example. Sorry, lads!

‘Phantom Hospitality’ continues the eeriness as Cale scathes, ‘You were bitten/ why didn’t you stay home?” as we’re flung about until left to settle on a ‘beach’ somewhere.

The EP’s finale and standout track ‘Beach Song’ is the perfect soother needed as “we were left there to die!” It’s gentle guitar riffs lullaby us but the pumping drumming remind us of the impending death of a romance: “I was like a lighthouse for your soul/Your beacon to come home/I was like a coastguard for your soul/Your speedboat and life float”  It seems Cale’s love didn’t return home and he’s left on said beach wondering.

‘Lunchband’ have taken us on a dark and bleak journey made up of curious sounds and although this band clearly have indie roots, their diversity sets them aside in a genre which is becoming saturated with bland set templates.

Watch this space!

Upcoming Lunchband shows:
28th Sept – ‘Cargo’ Shoreditch
11th Oct – ‘Enterprise’ Camden
9th Nov – ‘Good Ship’ Kilburn
18th Dec – All Dayer at ‘Surya’ Kings Cross

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