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Common Eyes, Vilifi’s debut album is put simply: seriously good. Even simpler, this is probably the best album I have reviewed for Never Enough Notes, maybe ever. Common Eyes is undeniably and thrillingly unique, funky, rocking and damn right superb…I love it!

Fuelled by a pulsating rhythm section, chugging guitar riffs and soft vocals the album comes quickly out of the blocks with opener ‘Sympathy’. Following on, ‘I’m Alive’ uses to great effect the loud/quiet technique, slowly building then unleashing upon the listener an explosion of hard-rock fury throughout the track. ‘Fine’ provides the coolest, grooviest and most rocking riff of the album whilst ‘Travail’ is my personal favourite combining the best of ViliFi’s unique style of funky prog-rock and slightly aggressive punk.

Even when the trio drop down the tempo the music is still enjoyable. ‘Gone Away’ is a delicate and restrained ballad, and ‘Hanging on Tonight’ is such a chilled song one can genuinely fell into a trance of happiness. For fans of big guitar solos ‘Hanging on Tonight’ is a good place to look, indeed as is the entire album. For the best of the rest I would recommend ‘Abide’ and ‘Take Me Away’.

The thirteen-track album feels very rough and ready, almost as if the recording took place live in my garage. It’s a good feel, and one I hope stays with the band in future offerings.

If I were to give the reader any advice I would suggest taking time out just to listen to this album. There are so many intricate details, superb styles and pieces of wonderful music construction that having Common Eyes on as background music is a waste. Honestly, these guys are good, and are hopefully going to be around for some time to come…listen to it here:


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