So I thought I’d better use some of the takeover to talk about my new EP,’Year and a Day’ which is released today!!

*cue smattering of applause*

Go here to see the Spotify playlist I made, and to enter the tickets competition.

‘Year and a Day’ is named thus as the first three songs took pretty much a year to record and the fourth song was recorded in – yep you guessed it – a day.

‘Thorns’, ‘Eve’ and ‘Green’ were recorded in my old house in a tiny wee room on the top floor, using a little Roland digital desk and one fairly shitty AKG mic. ‘Blue’ which closes the EP was recorded at the beautiful Crypt that Hope And Social (the band I drum for) use to rehearse and record in.

Ed Waring who plays keyboards in Hope And Social recorded and mixed ‘Blue’ and the very talented Rich Stephenson and Mike Davis (who recorded and produced my debut album, ‘Boy Cries Wolf’ )engineered and produced the EP.  The four songs are deliberately very eclectic sonically and stylistically with an aim to keep the listener excited and engaged from start to finish.

The opener, ‘Thorns’ is a moody piece and based loosely on a scene in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. ‘Eve’ is a simple little hymn I wrote just after the birth of my niece, Neve. ‘Green’ which is the single from the EP (and currently an exclusive download on This Is Fake DIY) is an uptempo Bluegrass-tinged song which deals with the cliche that musicians on tour pick up girls (or guys). ‘Blue’ is a love song that sort-of says ‘I know we’ve both done wrong in the past but let’s make an allegiance. We’re good for each other’.

The songs draw from a pool of the major musical influences in my life – predominantly Paul Simon (on the Spotify playlist), James Taylor and Joni Mitchell and more recent musical influences, including Admiral Fallow, Rachel Sermanni (yep – they’re on the playlist too), Fionn Regan and Alasdair Roberts.

The EP is available online from and all the other usual online retail suspects. It’s also had praise from fellow sites The 405, For Folks Sake, Vulture Hound and Thank Folk For That.

So what are you waiting for?! Go buy it now!!!

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