‘Happy To You’ is the second album from Swedish indie pop band Miike Snow.  Comprised of three producers, the project started out humbly with them just playing around for fun, but has transformed to them developing a wide and devoted following.  Thus this album has great expectations and has a hard act to follow in the self-titled first record.

As a big fan of Miike Snow myself, listening to the album brought excitement and intrigue and I wasn’t disappointed.  In general it feels more produced and more complex, in that it has more levels to the songs.  The songs feel bigger and bolder, with a greater degree of experimentation with instruments and sound.  What was great about the first album was the combination of funky beats and catchy vocals, and this is carried over in tracks such as ‘Archipelago’ and ‘Paddling Out’. The latter is the first released single and no doubt the former will be released as a single too.  Both tracks have upbeat tempos, a simple but catchy set of lyrics and a general lively feel.

Listen to ‘Paddling Out’ here:

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A noticeable difference to the first record is the introduction of an eclectic set of instruments, including an almost soldier like drum beat, which, seen in tracks ‘The Wave’ and ‘Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)’ adds a new dimension and sustains the beat of the tracks nicely, developing the structure of the songs, although is perhaps a little overused.

Track 5, ‘God Help This Divorce’ breaks up the album well; it is much more mellow and has a slow and steady beat with calming vocals which provides juxtaposition to the songs either side which are more lively.  It also serves as a reminder as to the range of sounds the group has to offer.

On first listen, only ‘Paddling Out’ stood out, though the other songs all had catchy tunes which prove hard not to bop along to, but after patience and a few more listens I’ve grown to really like the album as a whole and would recommend it to anyone who liked the first album or is a fan of groups such as Phoenix, The Temper Trap and Empire Of The Sun.

One may feel hard done by with only ten tracks, but it is a solid effort nonetheless.  Funky, fun and full of great songs.


Track Listing:

  1. Enter the Joker’s Lair
  2. The Wave
  3. The Devil’s Work
  4. Vase
  5. God Help This Divorce
  6. Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)
  7. Pretender
  8. Archipelago
  9. Black Tin Box
  10. Paddling Out

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