Don’t panic! You haven’t somehow teleported back to the late 1970s. You’ve just listened to the recent single by Dan Sartain, a throwback to the golden era of punk, and to the legends of the genre in The Buzzcocks or The Clash.

Using only three main chords, a fast paced rhythm and simple, repetitive lyrics, ‘Now Now Now’ has caught hold of the characteristics that made the first punk bands so appealing first time round. The addition of ex-Go Go star Jane Wieldlin adds a pleasant harmony to Sartain’s voice, which itself is a perfect fit for the track.

My only criticism would be that it’s too short; I know punk songs are traditionally rapid firecrackers, but in an age where four minute songs are standard, a song that’s just over a minute looks odd.

Then again, with current punk titans Gallows releasing an earth-shaking single that covers just thirty-seven seconds, anything’s possible…

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