Summer is a arguably the most musical season (just taking precedence over the Christmas period, y’know there’s a lot of music about then, mostly cheese central playing everywhere you go.) Ice cream eating, camping, building sand castles (sand mounds) or there’s always the hangover nursing. Whatever you’re doing, Coasts’ new single ‘Stay’ is sure to entertain your ears. All this summery lark may have something to do with the paradise-like and carefree surroundings in their video; blissful.

Hailing from Bristol, Coasts have released this track in preparation for an EP, expected later this year. Big choruses like ‘Staaaaay, stay with me’ are boldly announced, in a Friendly Fires fashion, jangly riffs and the funky drum breaks bring this in to line with The Maccabees and the earlier Foals offerings.

Once they release more material, we’ll be able to gauge whether they are actually here to stay or whether they’re just another bright indie band that gets so near, but yet so far from sunny stardom. So far so good though, Coasts are one to keep an eye on.

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