Scissor Sisters have to be everyones guilty pleasures, who can deny the brilliance of ‘Laura’ and their discotheque cover of ‘Comfortably Numb’? Well apparently alot of people can, their last album ‘Night Work’ although a critical success had very little commercial success and has thrust them into relative obscurity. So what is a band that has fallen into obscurity meant to do? Well they are meant to come back with a bang …

‘Shady Love’ features Krystal Pepsy AKA Azealia Banks and in many ways it sounds exactly like Azealia’s track ‘212’, except with some really important differences. Firstly Jake Shears’ rapping is really something to behold, all I can say it reminds me of is Robbie Williams circa ‘Rude Box’…just awful. Secondly, I wish that Azealia had taken Scissor Sisters aside for a second and said ‘Guys … I like you, but lets face it i’d do a better job’ thus meaning this steaming turd of a record never would have surfaced. Sorry guys go back to singing about how you want to take my ‘mama’ out all night.

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