For the last couple of summers I have wanted either some dungarees or a playsuit. My main reason behind my wanting is that I have a problem when it comes to wearing skirts. I do not sit in the most ladyilike of ways and often end up accidentally flashing my knickers especially in the summer months when i just like to sit on the floor.

I have decided that culottes, playsuits, jumpsuits or dungarees would be an ideal solution to this problem, however even these have drawbacks. For example you have to get mostly naked to have a wee. These items would be no use to a festival goer who in desperation squats behind a few friends in the corner of a field (we’ve all been there). This is undignified enough even before you have to start taking off the suit.

Also I think there is a fine line between looking good and looking like an idiot. You have to get the fit of it just right, too small and you start a camel toe situation, too large and you’ll probably flash pants whilst sitting anyway.

I have been scouring the usual clothing websites whilst on my lunch breaks and have found a few contenders but nothing that really stands out. I love the boob tube playsuits, however my sister has said they make my boobs look like a shelf so that is a no go area I guess.

Here’s one from Dorothy Perkins which I like. It’s £25 which isn’t a bad price seeing as it’ll be a whole outfit.

The next one here is from ASOS and is £35. It’s covered in storks!

Then there are some dungarees from Vera Moda at ASOS. They have adjustable straps so you can make it as short of long as you want it.

By just googling “Playsuits” I came across Missguided and found they are full of Summery playsuits in all different colours and floaty summer fabrics. Here is my favourite from the site priced at only £24.99.

Playsuits that have a collar and buttons I think can be worn to the office on those warm days. These two-toned playsuits from Topshop look smart too. Here’s my pick from the bunch it is priced at £55 but it can be still worn in the Winter with some thick tights and a cardi!

I think the key element to buying a playsuit/jumpsuit/dungarees/all in one is definitely to try it on first. They will, as with most clothes, suit people better than others, which I might find is my problem seeing as I’m yet to try on one that I like.

However my quest for the one will continue into the early days of winter I’m sure but if I do find it I will be sure to report back with pictorial evidence! x

(Sorry Editor for flashing some new clothes in your face! Keep up the Preloved Reloved amazing work!)

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