Feed Me is a little green monster with a big mouth. Feed Me is a purveyor of big, barmy electro-dubstep hybrids. Feed Me is the alter-ego of dark drum and bass producer Spor, an experimental side project which has broken free of its laboratory origins and set its sights squarely on world domination. Feed Me is coming for you. Be prepared.

Probably a more approachable proposition than Spor’s drum and bass output, which despite being technically impressive and devastating on the dancefloor is more likely to appeal to hardcore heads than casual listeners, Feed Me is much more colourful, although equally uncompromising in its way. This four-track offering, soon come on Mau5trap, arrives hot on the heels of the very well-received “Feed Me’s Big Adventure”, and offers up a similarly bats-arse menu of heavy beats, crunchy bass and synth fireworks.

Electro-house opener “To The Stars” is typically satisfying, demonstrating the little green monster’s trademark combination of huge build-ups and bonkers synth solos, while “Strange Behaviour” is an epic dubstep piece which mixes monstrous bass throbs and analogue ornamentations with a heartfelt guest spot from Tasha Baxter, who is fast becoming one of the best go-to vocalists for this sort of stuff. “Pink Lady”, meanwhile, is a slight departure for Feed Me, a fantastic glitch-hop stomper which should make any self-respecting fan of electronic filth do that contorted face one does when faced with a particularly badass piece of whomp, while “Chain Smoker” is a chunky techno-flavoured offering with crackling fuzz-bass and some fidget house-esque tweaks, which closes the EP in style.

“Feed Me To The Stars” is a must-have for any fan of imaginative, cleverly-produced, gleefully antisocial electro. It showcases a hugely versatile producer who is clearly having tremendous fun doing something a bit different, and ensures that Feed Me is definitely an act to catch at festivals this summer. Keep an eye out for the little green monster. He’s here

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